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When One Dog Door Closes, Another Opens!

When one dog door closes, another dog door opens!

Adoptee Jynx was a Key West dog for the first two years after being adopted from the shelter. His fantastic humans worked hard to help him overcome his anxiety, fearfulness, and resulting leash reactivity. His behavior when out in public required some changes in the lifestyle of his people but they happily accommodated him because they loved him so much.

We heard from them recently and learned they’ve moved back to PA where they have a large house and even better, a big fenced yard for Jynx . Both Jynx and his favorite feline are doing great in this new quieter setting with more space and freedom for Jynx.

His Mom says: “He’s building confidence and many new things are met with curiosity instead of fear”, a testament to the influence of environment on behavior.”

Our most recent update and picture came the other day: “Most people see a dog that rolled in mud (the top of his head is typically solid black). I see a dog who is relaxed enough to explore and play.”

We wish Jynx and his family many years of self-assurance, curiosity, and plenty of mud!!!!