What We Do

Florida Keys SPCA provides adoption services, essential animal care, as well as animal control & cruelty investigations under contract with Monroe County.

Florida Keys SPCA has operated the Key West animal shelter on Stock Island since 1999, and in Marathon since 2015, providing essential services for Key West, the Lower Keys and Middle Keys between mile marker 0 and 70.

General Wellness

A pet’s preventative care is important in maintaining a healthy life. Preventative care includes keeping up on annual vaccinations for preventable diseases such as Rabies, Da2PPV, FVRCP and Bordetella. As a reminder, vaccinating for Rabies is not only good for your pet and the community's health, but it is also required by Florida state law.  Preventative care also includes annual heartworm testing for dogs, and by testing annually it ensures your dog does not have heartworms and can continue on their monthly heartworm preventative.

Your pet's comfort is just as important such as regular nail trims, which are a great way to keep your pet's paws in good condition.

Losing your pet can be very traumatic and unfortunately collars and ID tags are not foolproof. Microchips are tiny implantable computer chips that have a unique identification number that are placed under your pet’s skin with a needle and syringe. They work by receiving a radio signal from a scanner and transmitting the encoded chip identification number back to the scanner. With the chip identification number in hand, shelters and vet clinics around the country are able to obtain your contact information and reunite you with your pet.

All of these wellness services are offered by our Dogwood Wellness Clinic on designated Wellness Days. To make an appointment, or for any questions, please call the Clinic at (305) 294 - 4857 or send an email to clinic@fkspca.org.

Spay / Neuter

Spaying and neutering pets is the most important step we can take to address the nationwide problem of overpopulation and help reduce the number of animals in shelters.  Spay and neuter services are available by appointment only at our Dogwood Wellness Clinic. 

We also offer free spay/neuter surgeries for feral cats through our Trap-Neuter-Release program.

To schedule a surgery appointment, pet owners can email clinic@fkspca.org.

6/60 Program

Florida Keys SPCA adopts, at no charge, an animal six years or older to an individual 60 years or older. Consider adopting a senior pet to help them comfortably live out their 'Golden Oldies'.

Pet Food Pantry

The public can donate pet food at various locations in Key West, which are distributed by the SOS Foundation. The FKSPCA began this program during an economic downturn several years ago to help keep families together.