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Wedge’s New Life is Out of This World!

One of our Star Wars puppies, adopted over the summer, is living the dream in the Florida Keys! Wedge, the Artist Formerly Known as Jawa, had his Mom write in:
“Hi! We adopted Jawa, now Wedge from the Key West Campus in July. We went to the vet there at the wellness clinic and told her that we had gotten him DNA tested. She told us to message you with results when we found out!
Wedge has been the greatest puppy we’ve had and we’re so thankful for him. He loves going on “hikes” by the jumping bridge and being on the boat. He truly is a Conch Dog!”
His Mom also told us that Wedge has taken his 1% Husky heritage very seriously as he believes himself to be the Keys’ greatest singer!
We wish Wedge and his family many years of boating, playing, and singing along!!
Good boy, Wedge. Good boy!