Lisa & Georgia

Lisa Cowan and Georgia Favelli

The FKSPCA owes a huge debt of gratitude to Lisa Cowan and Georgia Favelli. This powerhouse pair of women have been volunteering their time to help the animals and the organization since our beginning in 1999. Longtime friends, Georgia and Lisa often work together in their volunteer efforts for the shelter, which include everything from walking dogs to organizing and doing much of the leg work for our very successful annual fundraiser, the Spring Social. This event would not happen if it weren’t for the countless hours and relentless efforts of Lisa and Georgia. We are so fortunate to have them as friends of the shelter.

Several times a week, they faithfully come in to bathe or walk dogs. They are always a welcome sight when they walk through the door, Georgia with her sun hat and Lisa with her bag of biscuits or a colorful new collar for one of the dogs. Georgia has been known to stand in the hot summer sun for over an hour, holding her umbrella, just so one of our water-loving dogs can enjoy a leisurely swim! Lisa regularly donates her time and money so that any dogs who need professional grooming get it, whether to make them more comfortable or simply more appealing to adopters. Not only does she provide for this service but also drives the dogs to their appointments. Her generosity knows no bounds when it comes to her four-legged friends at the shelter.

Georgia and her husband Tom Favelli, another loyal volunteer, recently bought several new beds for our dogs from money Tom raised from doing a yard sale. They also bought materials and
spent time refurbishing many of our old beds so now any dog that enjoys an elevated soft sleeping area has one. They also donated new washers and dryers or covered the expense of repairs if needed.

It’s impossible to list all the big and small things that Lisa and Georgia do for us and we want to recognize and express our gratitude for their steadfast support. The shelter is a better place because of them.