High School Crew

Are you in High School and want to make a difference in animals' lives? Become a High School Crew Volunteer today!

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High School Crew Program Details:

Volunteers ages 16-18 and still enrolled in high school will be given the opportunity to complete community service hours for school, scholarship or regular volunteer hours through socialization of our animals, donation drives and light duty work at the shelter.


These are the following opportunities for High School Crew members after they have attended orientation and completed training:

  • Socializing Cats

  • Cat Behavior Assistance-Jackson Galaxy's Cat Pawsitive Program

  • Socializing Small Animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters

  • Greeters at the front office

  • Laundry

  • Kids Club Assistant

  • Hold a donation drive at your school collecting items needed at the shelter.


Do you have an idea as to how you can earn service hours outside of the shelter?  Contact our Volunteer Coordinator Amina at Amina@fkspca.org for approval and get started today!