How To Volunteer

Volunteering at the Florida Keys SPCA We are proud of the work we do for the homeless animals in our community.

We could not accomplish everything we are able to do at our shelter without the tireless dedication from our volunteer team.  We take our job seriously in training and preparing all of our volunteers for working with our animals and completing tasks at our shelter.

Orientation & Training

Orientation Overview:

  • All volunteers must attend an Orientation Session according to their age group to Volunteer.
  • All Orientations will give an overview of our shelter and discuss volunteer opportunities & details of the positions available.
  • At the end of all orientations there will be a short tour of the facility.
  • All volunteers pay a one-time $30 Administrative Fee to fund the volunteer program necessities at orientation. Payment can be cash, check or charge.

Upcoming Key West Campus Orientations:

  • 18 & Up
    • Tuesday, May 10th at 5:30pm
    • Thursday, May 12th at 6pm
  • High School Crew - Ages 16-18
    • Tuesday, May 10th at 5:30pm
    • Thursday, May 12th at 6pm
  • Youth Club - Ages 10-15 (Note: All Youth Club members must have a parent attend orientation with them.)
    • Tuesday, May 10th at 4pm
    • Thursday, May 12th at 4pm

All training sessions will give volunteers the knowledge they need to perform their position safely and sufficiently on their own.

18 & Up:

Following the orientation session and passing a background check, volunteers will sign up for training depending on where their interest lies.

  • Length of Time: Each training class will last 60-90 minutes depending on the animal area or duty.
  • Trainers: New volunteers will train with either a staff member or mentor volunteer.
  • Positions:
    • All volunteers can volunteer for as many positions as they desire. 
    • Volunteers must attend a training session for each position. 
    • Volunteers must attend at least one training session for any position before beginning to volunteer on their own.

High School Crew:

Following the orientation session, High School Crew members will have a short 30-60 minute training depending on where their interests lie before volunteering on their own.

For details on the High School Crew program click here!

(Note: 16 & 17 year olds must bring a parental waiver signed before they start training)

Youth Club:

Following the orientation session, Youth Club members can start attending bi-weekly animal enrichment & interaction activity classes. No training necessary!

For details on the Youth Club program click here!

  • 18 & Up and High School (16-17 years old)
    • Please look for upcoming dates or contact our Marathon Campus at (305) 743-4800 directly for details.


If you have additional questions about our Volunteer Programs please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Amina Chaudhry, directly at (305) 294-4857 or