Foster Program

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What it means to Foster

Fosters play an essential role in the well-being of animals that are not yet prepared for the adoption process and would be better in a home environment.  The shelter will provide the fosters with all the supplies they will need and you provide the love! Fosters can provide a temporary home for the following types of animals:

  • Kittens, Puppies or Bunnies: Litters or single young animals whose immune systems are not yet fully developed or are not fully weaned.  Typically these animals stay in foster until they are 8 weeks old and ready to be adopted.
  • Medical Needs Animals: Animals who need extra care outside of the shelter environment such as an animal that had surgery or a medical procedure, an animal going through heartworm treatment or other medical needs for which a foster home would be more suitable.
  • Special Needs Animals: Animals who may need additional support for conditions such as separation anxiety, fearfulness, or other needs such as blindness and deafness, are better suited to a foster home than the shelter environment.

How To Become A Foster

To become a foster in Key West, click HERE

To become a foster in Marathon, click HERE

For specific questions about our Foster program, contact in Key West or in Marathon.

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Hurricane Fostering

Hurricane season requires a very special foster need for all of our animals.  Because our Marathon Campus is unsafe to house animals during a storm, we place all our animals into foster home whenever a hurricane threatens the Florida Keys.  We also need to evacuate as many animals as possible to make room for those animals coming into our Key West facility.

When fostering an animal for a storm we ask that you keep the animal safe with you until the storm has passed.  Should you decide to evacuate, you must be willing and able to evacuate with the foster animal and return the animal to the Florida Keys SPCA after the storm has passed.

If you are interested in fostering an animal during a hurricane please download the Hurricane Foster Application or stop by one of our campuses to pick one up directly!