Volunteering at the Florida Keys SPCA If you love animals and want to make a difference in their lives, join the Volunteer Team at the Florida Keys SPCA!

Volunteer Requirements


At this time, we are in the process of overhauling our Volunteer Program and converting our recruitment and onboarding process to a more accessible model; we expect that we will be ready to launch our updated program and onboarding process in the near future.

Once our changes are complete, you will be able to learn in more detail about the program, the volunteer opportunities available, and how to become a volunteer.

While we are updating our program, we are continuing to accept new volunteers to assist in our most high needs positions. Those positions are listed with detailed description by visiting our How To Volunteer Page.

  • All volunteers must attend an Orientation Session according to their age group.
  • After attending orientation, all volunteers pay a one-time $30 Administrative Fee to fund the volunteer program necessities. Payment can be cash, check or charge.
  • All volunteers ages 18 & up are required to submit and pass a background check before they start training.
  • All volunteers, including military and snowbirds, must make a 3 month commitment within the calendar year.

Volunteers ages 18 & Up:

Training will be provided for all positions available with staff or mentor volunteers based on your interest after completing an orientation session. Once our program overhaul is complete, below will be the positions available.  Until that time, please click here for positions we are currently accepting volunteers for.


  • Dog Kennel Cleaning/Housekeeping
  • Dog Socializer & Walker
  • Dog Behavior Assistant
  • Cat Cleaning/Housekeeping & Socializing
  • Small Animal Cleaning/Housekeeping & Socializing
  • Reptile & Exotics Cleaning/Housekeeping & Socializing
  • Special Events & Fundraising
  • Retail/Office Organizing
  • Clinic Assistant
  • Camp/Youth Club Assistant

Volunteers ages 16-18:

  • Our High School Crew can volunteer in any of the roles listed above except Dog Socializing & Walking and Dog Behavior Assistant.
  • Click here for the High School Crew Program Details!

Volunteers ages 10-15:

  • Our Youth Club will offer an after school program perfect for kids looking to help enrich our animal’s lives!
  • Click here for our Youth Club Details!

Opportunities for adults ages 18 & up:

  • Dog Socializer & Walker
  • Cattery Assistant
  • Cat Socializer
  • Special Events & Fundraising

If you are looking to complete school community service hours please contact the Marathon Campus directly for opportunities.

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