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Stanky Leg’s Life Now Smells Sweet!

We all remember Stanky Leg – if only for his name! Stanky Leg was one of those “one-step-forward, two-steps-back” dog when we met him. He wanted attention but also was fearful and defensive. His behavior was reasonable, given the scary environment he found himself in after coming to us as a stray. But as so often happens, his trust in us grew and we discovered a wonderful and fun little guy underneath all that bluster and bravado.

When he met his new Mom, he warmed up quickly and she fell in love. Her husband couldn’t stop smiling when he met him. When their two little weiner dog girls were introduced, Stanky acted like he was in heaven. He now enjoys his days with his two lady friends and two very wonderful humans! Their update included,
“We love him so much. The girls have gotten use to his bubbly disposition. 😍”

Good boy, Stanky Leg. Good boy.