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Rogue: The Little Kitten with the Big Personality!

“We wanted to share with everyone a little update on our fur family.

Last month we adopted Rogue to be a companion to our one-year-old cat Cosmo (aka Fruitstripe), who we adopted during last year’s kitten extravaganza.

When we first met Rogue, she was a shy scared little kitty. To our surprise, when we brought her home she was off exploring within an hour. It didn’t take her long to settle in her new room and by the end of the night, she was purring and giving head nudges.

We did a slow introduction with Cosmo, and soon they were passing toys to each other from under the door. They bonded quickly. Rogue wants to be just like her “big sister” and goes everywhere she goes. Playing, chasing, and tumbling.

Rogue is such a little purr monster, a cuddler, and instigator. Keeping us all entertained with her kitten curiosity and loving energy. There’s nothing shy about this kitty! This little one with a big personality has brought us so much love and joy in such a short amount of time. Thank you FK SPCA!”

We say thank YOU to our adopters!!!! We wish Rogue, Cosmo, and the entire family nothing but head nudges, purring, and fun loving instigating for many, many years to come!!!