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Quinn has found her Quintessential home!

In these pandemic times, sometimes our adoption process feels like, where pictures are the way people first fall in love. That’s what happened to Ashley. She had been considering getting a rabbit for awhile, and when she saw the picture of Quinn, she KNEW that was the bunny for her. Having had a rabbit before, she was not only familiar with the joys of living with house rabbits, but also aware of everything else that entails. Her background in training was an added assurance that Quinn would have an enriched life, so important for all animals.

Quinn was one of six orphaned baby bunnies who were raised by one our rabbit-savvy staff members. He is a young adult now and we feel confident that his future will be a healthy and happy one, thanks to Ashley! It sounds like both of them are very happy!

In an effort to maintain health and prevent breeding, the FKSPCA spays/neuters all of our rabbits before adoption. We also provide pre-adoption and post-adoption counseling to promote success and avoid the common pitfalls that can occur with rabbits, often causing them to eventually become unwanted. If you would like to know more about our rabbits or our adoption process, please give us a call (305) 294-4857 or email us at