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Pupdate! Marathon’s ‘Roxy’

Couch snuggles seem to be Roxy’s fave.

“We wanted to send a quick update to the folks at the Marathon Campus now that Roxy (aka Oreo) has been with us for a couple months. We brought her home on 11/27/19 and did get our girl to the vet in December for a check up – which was great – her spay incision has healed and she is all set with her Heartguard & flea protection and she’s now eating dry dog food exclusively with treats of course! But we are happy to report no hot dogs or canned chicken. We took a short road trip over the holidays and she did great riding in the car and meeting new people. We are still working on her manners a bit, but she’s doing great walking on a leash and responding to basic commands. She likes to snuggle and will sleep in given the chance but loves to play catch and has been really good about chewing on toys vs. shoes and furniture. Overall she has been a wonderful addition to our family and we are really happy to have her. Thank you all for all the work you do! Sincerely, The Perez Family.” Way to go, Roxy!!