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Pepper Scores a Hole in One!

We’ve just received this update from Pepper’s new Mom and we just couldn’t wait to share it!

Greetings FKSPCA! I hope all is well.

I wanted to share an update with FKSPCA after adopting Dragonfruit from you in December 2022. I’ve renamed her Pepper. She sure has a lot of pep & energy, so the name fits perfectly.

Please tell the “Cat Whisperer” that Pepper still licks everything. LOL. She licks & bathes me all the time.

She is a fun, energetic cat who loves to play fetch. She has settled in nicely. She is still trying to adjust to her big sister Sweetie. I’m sure they will eventually become close friends. For now they tolerate each other. As you can see in the photos, Pepper’s favorite thing to do is watch birds & lizards from my screened in porch overlooking the 15th Fairway on the Golf Course. She also loves to relax in her window hammock.

I’m so happy I adopted Pepper (aka Dragonfruit).

Thank you very much for what all you do to take care of animals in the Keys!

Kind regards,

Carrie (Pepper’s new Mom)