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Paisley Celebrates One Year of Adoption Bliss!

Happy Adoption Update Monday! Today’s update comes from Paisley’s “Hoomans”

Here’s what they have to say about Paisley!

“Paisley girl has been part of our family for a whole year, and it feels like it’s only been 5 paw-some minutes. Our girl brings so much happiness, love, snuggles, and the occasional chewed up left shoe. (Yes, she has a thing about LEFT shoes. We don’t question the puppy ways of shoe managing, she’s just training us to put them away. If anything she deserves a treat for her hard work.)

Sometimes the family wonders if she’s mom’s favorite…. She is.

To the FKSPCA staff and volunteers-Thank you all for all you do for our community, we see all you do for these fur babies, the babies with shells, beaks, and basically anything with a heartbeat. You can feel the immense amount of love and gratitude when you walk into that building. ALL of those critters are loved, and it shows.

We are so lucky to have Paisley in our lives, she enriches our time on this planet every minute of her existence.