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Oreo and Macho find their perfect home

Life is full of twists and turns, ups and downs, highs and lows. For Oreo and Macho, two devoted canine companions, their life was quickly turned upside down when their person fell ill leaving no one to care for the little dogs. The days wore on and their human’s health continued to deteriorate. His sister tried to comfort and care for Oreo and Macho as best as she could, but between hospital visits, employment obligations, long drives and her own grief, the situation quickly became overwhelming. Our Marathon Campus received her call.

In tears she explained the situation, at a complete loss of what to do. She knew her brother loved his dogs more than anything else in the world, but with his declining health, continued hospitalization and a future full of uncertainty, she knew that all her brother would want was the reassurance that his dogs were safe and cared for. 

The Florida Keys SPCA has a Safe Haven program for this exact circumstance. We know that unexpected hospitalizations can leave pets with no person to care for them. With free temporary boarding, a person facing medical emergencies won’t have to worry about their beloved companion, and instead can focus on their health and recovery. 

Oreo came bounding in as just the happiest little black dog. She was so happy to be around people again and wiggled her way into everyone’s heart. Macho sauntered in, swaying and waddling as only a senior dachshund can. With cataracts completely impairing his vision, he walked slowly and cautiously as Oreo constantly checked on him. The pair were clearly used to this relationship, Macho the wise senior and Oreo his protector and companion. 

During their stay with us it became abundantly clear that these two needed each other. Macho needed Oreo as a guide dog of sorts, Oreo took her role seriously and needed his companionship. When their family made the difficult decision that it was in the dogs best interest to place them for adoption, we knew they needed to stay together. 

The people in this community never cease to amaze me. Beverly, with two senior dogs of her own, had been waiting for the perfect dog. Who would have known her version of “perfect” was an old, blind, deaf dog with a bad back and a bad heart, but to Beverly he was perfect. When we explained that Macho came with a companion, her answer was “the more the merrier.” Just like that, Beverly went from a pack of two to a pack of four. With tears of joy from all the staff, we said goodbye to Oreo and Macho knowing they had found their furever home together. 

The unexpected can happen, although it’s difficult to think about, it’s important to plan for your pets. Planning on what will happen to your four-legged loved ones and who will care for them is just as crucial as planning for your assets. We now have free resources available to help you create a plan. Visit or contact our Development Director Tiffany Dunsmore at for more.