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One Lucky Dog

Adopted from us a a few years ago, JT had this to say about Lucky-dog:

From the shelter, I got Beau at 3 months, and had him for 11 years…

he was the only non-human “soul mate” I’ve ever had.

On my 65th bday, Beau came over to me in the kitchen and dropped.

Gone in a flash.

I was devastated, knowing I’d never have another dog like Beau.

I came to the shelter to see a Doberman, but Cathy brought out a dog that looked EXACTLY (down to the tiniest details!!!) like an identical twin to Beau. I was told this dog had been adopted, beaten, returned, adopted again, abandoned, returned again… all in the first year.

So when people saw her (still not housebroken) and thought the issues were with her (when it was the people!) she sat there for another year and a half.

Nobody would take a chance on her.

Cathy told me this new dog was going to be a real challenge, starting from an 18-month deficit. I took her for a 20-day trial.

I was shocked that within 5 minutes, she was sitting on his stair, pointing at the leash on cue -and a dozen other things that I hadn’t taught her!

I had goosebumps because it was obvious that Beau was coming into her to help her be a great dog… and to stay in my life.

When people told this story I thought it was wishful thinking, but it’s not!

I’ve seen it happen right in front of me. So I named her Lucky Dog since she clearly is lucky to have a Spirit Guide and a loving home (finally!)