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No more standing in the Field for this Scarecrow!

Happy Adoption update Monday! This week’s update is from Scarecrow Mittensway and Meowscles’ mom. Here’s what she has to say about her tortie kitties!

“We adopted “Queenie” from the Key West campus in November of 2021. As the polydactyl she is, we renamed her “Scarecrow Mittensway” (a play on her mitten-like paws and being a Hemmingway cat). She is cherished around here, knows her name and will come to us in an instant when called. She likes long walks around the marina and follows us and our Dog, Maria, around like she’s a little puppy too. Maria and Scarecrow are best buds and play together often.

We have recently also adopted “Addison” from the Marathon campus which we have renamed “Meowscles” (meow + muscles) and she has learned her name quite well! It turns out that Meowscles loves the water! She plays in the shower when it’s full, with the sinks when they’re on, and even enjoys taking dinghy rides around the Bay.

These torties have the biggest personalities and are so unique and loving in their own ways. We are so excited to be able to go through the adventures of life with our little friends by our side!”