Our Current Key West Campus

The FKSPCA operates out of a facility in Key West that is literally crumbling around us. What were already old buildings in disrepair have been made even worse by the saltwater intrusion from Hurricane Wilma in 2005. This has caused spalling in the concrete walls with whole columns ready to give way. Because our buildings are so unsafe, we evacuate every animal into foster homes when a hurricane threatens the Florida Keys. However, it doesn’t take a hurricane to cause disruption. The buildings are subject to flooding during routine thunderstorms we see so often in the Keys.

In addition to what is visible on the surface, our facility systems are so outdated as to endanger the health of the animals in our care. For example, we have inadequate means of quarantining sick animals because the air handling systems for each building service the entire building. That means that whenever an animal develops a contagious ailment, that one case will often develop into an outbreak throughout the shelter as we have no way to isolate individual cases.

Our current Key West facility is also restricted due to size limitations:

  • The design of our kennels is modeled on the outdated “pound” design and contributes to stress in our animals, some of whom are with us for a number of months before finding a new home. Modern shelter designs provide for an overall environment that reduces stress for both animals and staff.
  • More space is needed to comfortably house the number of animals we typically have awaiting adoption, as well as for those waiting to be claimed by their owners.
  • We have one, very small administration area. This means that someone visibly upset at having to surrender an animal, or request euthanasia for a beloved pet who is failing, must share the same small space with a family excited about adopting a new pet.
  • We would like to provide classes and workshops for the public to promote training and humane animal care but currently have no space for such activities.
  • Our spay/neuter clinic, which is very important to our community and our mission, is currently housed in a small, cramped trailer.