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Nala Has a New Name and a New Leash on Life!

Nala, formerly known as Korn, had a rough start in life. Found as a stray near Marathon back in May, Nala was weak, underweight, and could barely walk. It was obvious she was very sick and malnourished. Thanks to our friends at Keys Animal ER, exploratory surgery was performed and a corn cob was found to be stuck in her intestines! The cob was removed, along with part of her intestines.

But look at her now! Nala was adopted a few weeks ago and her new Dad writes in:

“I work from home so she’s with me almost all day everyday. She’s definitely been abused as she is startled by sudden movements or if you take your sandals off and are carrying them with you. She’s a bit reactive to reflections of herself and if she sees other dogs or people out my sliding glass door, but we are working on it. She’s starting to settle in, play with her toys, go in her kennel on her own, not follow me every time I get up, etc… Anyways, here’s the pics and thanks for letting me adopt her!”

Good girl, Nala. Good girl.