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Mila found a furever home and new BFF!

Adoption Update from our Mila the Kitten’s new family:

“From the minute she arrived home, Mila has been eager to explore and super cuddly. Her kitten energy is contagious and she really lights up our house. We’re constantly laughing at her antics as she pounces and leaps about the house. You weren’t kidding when you said Mila and her siblings love those little toy mice – she’s constantly carrying one around, chasing them, or playing what we call “mouse soccer” using the dog’s bed as a stadium. Mila loves food and meows happily (and loudly!) to let us know when she’s hungry. She’s also super smart and already knows some basic commands.

Best of all, she and our dog, Kali, are getting along so well. It’s like they’ve known each other forever. We didn’t have any issues introducing them and they started cuddling after only a few days. Mila loves to be near Kali and even tries to groom Kali’s tail and ears on occasion.

We can’t thank you enough for all you do. Mila is the perfect addition to our family! Attaching some photos so you can see how she’s grown. Have a wonderful weekend!”