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Mayflower finds her ‘Love is Blind’ Home!

Adoption update! Kathryn adopted Mayflower in December and could not wait to tell us how amazing her new furever pet is! After losing her beloved Mooch in April, she decided it was time to save another life.

Because our shelter is still closed to the public, Kathryn described the following as her Love is Blind adoption process: “During this pandemic, the Key West SPCA was open for check ups and appointments only. Since I couldn’t just walk in and a meet all the cats in person, I called the SPCA after filling out my application and the staff was truly accommodating especially with all the new Covid restrictions. I personally wanted to give a big thanks to Lindsey and the staff for all their hard work. Not only was she willing to text me and call me, she took tons of videos for me to help me figure which kitty I wanted to take home. Lindsey also took everything I wanted into consideration on what kind of cat I was looking for. No it wasn’t an easy choice making a somewhat blind adoption but with the guidance of Lindsey I met the best kitty I could ever ask for. “

Kathryn has said since she brought Mayflower home, she made herself right at home, loves to sleep with her every night and is by her side when she’s watching tv or doing things around the house. Miss May, her new nickname, definitely has a big personality to match her and can be pretty feisty at times and likes to play. We are so happy Kathryn took a chance on a senior pet, and it sounds like Mayflower is as well!