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Life’s Really Rosie!

Rosie the Cat was adopted from us a few months ago and her Mom wrote up this wonderful Adoption Update:

A couple months ago I went into the Key West SPCA to make a small donation and ask a question. After I talked to the people at the front desk, I decided I wanted to go look at some animals.

Everyone on earth knows you cannot just LOOK at animals at the SPCA without coming home with one Danger!!

I went upstairs to look at the cats, and there were so many adorable kittens- but then there was Miss Rosie!

She was the oldest cat, the fattest cat, and the cat there with the longest tenure. I knew instantly that was the one I wanted to love forever!

So, please meet my 25 pound, 8 year-old cat, Rosie.

When we first got her, she would not leave under the bed except to come out and snack in the middle of the night. Now, this precious face is my permanent stuffed animal whom I cuddle nonstop, and has been promoted to my full-time secretary ! (Although I need to have a talk with her because she tends to sleep on the job all day!!)

Rosie’s intake paperwork that I read through when she was initially given to the SPCA, said that she was often very skittish and rarely ever came out. Now, this girl will lay in the middle of the bed sprawled out, tummy up, while I’m cleaning my room, my teenage boys are jumping on the bed and my husband is back and forth doing God knows what (ha!).

She trusts us. she knows she’s loved.

It’s amazing how with trust and love, the things in life just always do better and also then seem to workout for everyone.

Hope you love Rosie as much as I do- and there’s A LOT to love.