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Libby Finds the Perfect Family!

Libby had been the victim of many life changes in her people’s lives, lots of moves with her being left behind. It was time she stayed put with a loving family.

When Rachel and Jose told us there were looking for an older dog and loved bully breeds, we knew right away we had a dog we wanted to show them. Libby at 8 yrs. old was a Golden Paw dog, our program for seniors to help them find homes. She seemed to be exactly what they were looking for and since Jose had experience fostering Pitbulls in the past, we were even more certain this could be a perfect match.

She has now been in her new home for almost 2 months and updates have included “loves to snuggle, greets anyone who crosses her path, great with kids, loves to bask in the sun, car rides, and just to be near us”.

Rachel says “She is the perfect addition to our family and we all love her so much!” We have no doubt that Libby is one happy dog these days and her pictures are the proof!