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Leo waited 4 long years for his furever home!

We are shouting from the rooftops “Leo has been adopted”!! After almost 4 years, this sweet little rabbit has found the home worth waiting for.

Leo and his 5 siblings were found as babies at a construction site in June 2018. They survived and thrived and were raised as pairs in foster homes until old enough to come back to the shelter to be put up for adoption. Four of them found homes but Leo and his brother Theo who were tightly bonded were still with us when Covid shut us down. Andrew and Gabriel, rabbit adopters and advocates, generously offered to foster them in the hopes that it wouldn’t be long until they found a home together. Sadly, Theo passed away unexpectedly, leaving Leo alone. Fortunately there were other rabbits in the house so he had company but no close relationship like he had with Theo.

Leo was coming up on his 4th birthday and had been in foster care for almost two years when we received an email from Ray and Diane saying they were looking for a friend for their rabbit Roxie, a spayed female. They included pictures of Roxie in their home and we couldn’t contain our excitement at the prospect of one of our rabbits moving in with her. They drove down from their home in the upper Keys and we did some speed-dating. Rabbit bonding can be a tricky process which requires patience and caution, since rabbits can do some damage to each other. The first requirement for successful bonding is that both rabbits be spayed/neutered. Using pens to keep everyone safe, we introduced Roxie to Bachelor #1. But when Chestnut kept trying to bite her through the fence, she said “No thanks” and we moved on to Midnight. Typically a male/female pairing is more often successful, but Midnight was a young spayed female, so we thought it was worth a meet. Didn’t work! We then asked them if they would be willing to go meet Leo in his foster home. They agreed. Rarely does love-at-first-sight happen between two rabbits, but when it does, OH MY, it is a beautiful thing to behold!! Leo became an instant husbun to his new wife Roxie. In no time, Leo was packed up and headed to his new life with her and two of the nicest humans you can imagine!

We are so grateful to Ray and Diane but also want to recognize and thank Dr. Aundria Del Pino at Marathon Vet Hospital for suggesting her clients reach out to us to meet our rabbits. It also goes without saying that the love and care that Andrew and Gabrielle gave Leo helped him become the sweet bunny he is today. Thanks to all and congratulations Leo; you are finally where you are meant to be!