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Kino found the caring home he needed!

When King arrived at our Marathon Campus his entire family was in tow. Collectively his family had decided that they could no longer care for the little Shih tzu when the family had a new baby and King started having seizures. Although the seizures were rare, they were frightening to witness and overwhelming for the growing family. They knew that King would need more than they could give him and made the difficult decision to surrender him for adoption. It was a heartfelt goodbye, his family clearly loved him. 

King quickly made himself right at home at our shelter. He walked in with a bubbly personality and warmly said hello to all the staff. He easily made friends with the other little dogs and proceeded to bark and chase the cats. He was a happy guy and adjusted easily to life at our Campus. With a clean bill of health, and no need to start anti seizure medications just yet, it was time to find King a new family! 

He was a popular little guy, with plenty of interested adopters. For many though, his infrequent seizures were worrisome and as we talked to all his potential families, we finally found the perfect match in Sharon. Having lost her beloved Shih tzu just a few months prior, she was searching for a dog to help heal her broken heart. She was more than happy to take the long drive down from the mainland to meet King, and it was love at first sight! The pair were a perfect match and now that he’s settled into his new life, she sent us this beautiful update. 

“Firstly, I  wanted to thank you all so much for giving me my new King. He is so beautiful and full of life. He has definitely helped me with my loss of my precious Ty who passed on 2/2021. We had 12 wonderful years together and I miss him everyday. Ty went everywhere with me and now King will follow in his footsteps. And those are huge footsteps!

I have changed King’s name to KINO.  I thought it would be fitting since he is from the Keys and I have been buying Kino sandals from Key West since I was a little girl. Kino and I bonded on our long journey home from Marathon to Boynton Beach. I wasn’t sure how he was going to react since we just met and we were driving for so long, but he did very well and ended up sleeping half the way home in the back seat.

 It only took a couple of days and we were total Soul Mates.

 Kino is a sweet, fun, loving, very smart, funny little boy that gives lots of Kisses.  He loves to walk and run and play with his squeaky toys and ball. If you give him a bone he will sit and eat it for a while then try to bury it in unusual places, like the bed, laundry basket, couch. I’m not sure why he does that but it’s funny. If I catch him burying the bone  he takes it to another place to bury it??  I told him it’s his bone and he doesn’t have to hide it, I guess he doesn’t believe me!

He has made a couple of friends in the neighborhood that he plays with. He is so good with people and wants to meet everyone he sees. He loves car rides and going to the park.

He is a perfect angel and I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams. Of course, I could go on and on like a proud mama with her new handsome baby boy but I think I’ll stop here. Thank you again from both Kino and I.”