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Kaycee finally has a snuggle partner!

Adoption Update!!!! Special adoption update from Marathon Campus’s Kaycee cat! Kaycee was a staff and volunteer favorite and our very own Office cat! As a Diabetic Senior, despite his loving personality and giver of the best hugs, Kaycee was with us for a year and a half until his new mom finally came along. She sent us this wonderful update, “Casey is saving both of us. He is a very special guy. He went from “This is a nice cat” to “OMG I love this cat” at warp speed. He gets plenty of hugs and pettings all day long. He sleeps with me at night, on the other pillow next to my head. I can’t imagine life without him. I will take very good care of him, I promise. Thank you for taking such good care of him until I showed up.” Way to go Kaycee!!!