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Jynx got his Christmas Wish: A Furever Home!

We first met Jynx on Christmas Eve of 2020 when his multi-dog family found themselves in a difficult situation. We kept Jynx and his canine companions short term until his family was able to take them back., but within a few days, Jynx was back after fights began with another dog.

Even though there were issues between the dogs in the home, Jynx was very dependent on his canine family for support. Now by himself, he became more fearful. When approached, he would emit a menacing growl and run away. Jynx was an insecure dog, not a mean one, which is so often the case with dogs who appear “aggressive.” Like humans, dogs are highly social and can be emotionally dependent on friends and family. The loss of those allies can leave one feeling vulnerable and less safe. Feeling unsafe can lead to behavior changes, often unexpected and sometimes extreme. This appeared to be what happened to Jynx.

Jynx came to trust us but was still fearful around strangers. A great couple with training experience and another social female dog fell in love with him and took him home. They did all they could to help him succeed. He improved but the challenges he presented when out in the world were beyond what they could manage, given their circumstances, They made the very understandable decision to not keep him. A second home presented itself but that one didn’t work out for Jynx either. He eventually was returned to us.

Six months passed with Jynx at the shelter. What Jynx needed and what adopters wanted never seemed to match. Then as Christmas was approaching, Sheila and Jose met him. We sensed they may be exactly the people Jynx needed. EVERYTHING Sheila said and did confirmed it. It wasn’t just the fact she had a challenging dog before; it was all the things she had done to build safety into their life that ultimately led to success. We were thrilled when they wanted to adopt Jynx. Before they even took him home, Sheila had signed up for an excellent online class to help build Jynx’s confidence.

With each update they’ve share since adopting Jynx, we feel more encouraged. An unexpected short-term trip to their home in PA gave them time to build a bond with Jynx in an area where he could decompress, run, and explore the natural world. He now discovers new things every day but at his pace, in “baby steps”, as Sheila says. He’s learning he can rely on them to have his back. He was afraid of the Christmas tree, so “Santa” put his presents on the couch instead!

Jynx is a work in progress but he couldn’t have two better guides on his journey! In Sheila’s humble words “I know he has a lot to learn and we do too, but no matter what, we are his forever home!”