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Isabelle – The Third Time’s a Charm!

Young Isabelle put a capital “C” in the word challenging during her first few weeks at the shelter. Small but mighty, she was a full “on” gal with no “off” switch. Jumpy, mouthy, and wild-eyed, Isabelle’s default behavior when excited or unsure was to jump up and grab!

As environments are a major influence on behavior, we hoped that a quiet home might help her. Her first adopters lived with her for about two months, but when their living situation changed her behavior was found to be too challenging, and she was returned.

Izzy was then sent home with another very experienced, prior adopter, hoping she would settle down. She was returned a few days later. Isabelle was a tough case!

Once back with us, a combination of enrichment, teaching a default sit, and long calming walks allowed her to improve. But we knew her continued improvement would depend on the right home.

Brian and Brittney had adopted two dogs from us a few years earlier. Bear, a very large Rottweiler, was their first adoptee. When that went well, they came back for a second dog, The chose a young female Pittie named Marjorie with a personality very similar to Isabelle’s. Bear and Marjorie became friends but after a family member fell in love with her she moved away with him. Bear was in need of a new friend.

When Brian brought Bear into meet Izzy, he knew what he was taking on after adopting Marjorie. Bear must have known too because he was a perfect Southern gentleman with Isabelle; calm, tolerant, and non-reactive to her over-the-top enthusiasm. Within a short time of their meeting we could see his positive effect on her as she began mirroring his calm demeanor. All updates and pictures have confirmed that Bear continues to be the perfect canine mentor for our girl! Thanks to Brian, Brittney and, of course, Bear, for giving Isabelle the perfect opportunity she needed to succeed!