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Happy Tail- Oma has been Adopted!

The above may not look like a very dramatic picture, but for Jackie and Oma, the day this picture was taken represented a big breakthrough for them!

Oma came to us in trap when she was a tiny feral kitten in 2016. Because she was feral, we placed her in a foster home for some socializing. She improved,yet when she returned to the shelter, she was still shy. Her good looks could not make up for her shy ways and she never caught the eye of any adopters. Jackie was living on the other side of country when she first noticed Oma online and felt badly that she had spent her entire life in the shelter. She was planning a move to the Keys and told herself that if Oma was still at the shelter when she got here, she would adopt her. That’s exactly what she did back in early June of this year.

People like Jackie don’t come along very often. She is a true lover of animals with a total respect for who they are. For her, it’s more about them and what they need from her rather than what she wants from them. She shared that her previous “reformed feral” took years before she would allow Jackie to pet her, yet by the time she passed at 14 years old, she was a love who snuggled next to Jackie every night. Time and patience are the ultimate gifts we can offer any new animal, and sometimes they might need a lot of both. Obviously, Jackie is a willing provider. She told us that Oma wouldn’t need to entertain her or be a cuddle bug; she would be content just to give Oma a place to be herself and feel her presence in the house!

Oma now lives with Jackie, Poppy (her other cat) and a little dog. The day this photograph was taken was the very first day Oma chose to get up on Jackie’s bed since she got her 4 months ago. She didn’t stay there long, but it was a positive step forward in their relationship. Being content with small steps in the beginning can lead to large strides as time passes. Thank you, Jackie for allowing us to celebrate your progress with you and Oma!

If you have a shy cat, we’d love to hear your experience.