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From Shelter to Home: Sergio finds love

We have a very special adoption update story coming from the one and only Gwen Filosa. Gwen adopted Sergio from our marathon campus in January. If anyone in the community knows Gwen, they know she’s a true friend to the animals! Here’s what Gwen has to say about Sergio:

“I’m the lucky dog owner who adopted a little mixed breed puppy from the Marathon campus of the Florida Keys SPCA in January.

Sergio is now 7 months old and 40 pounds. I’m so grateful for his foster family. They raised him upright. He came fully loaded: he could sit, stay, and handle business outside.

I never understood what a gift pet foster families provided until I adopted Sergio.

Florida Keys SPCA’s adoption system was so efficient and user-friendly. Plus they supplied a lot of basic items I needed right away.

I wasn’t looking for a puppy. When I called about another dog at the shelter, an SPCA worker texted me pics of this little fella. I went to the SPCA campus in Marathon for a visit.

On our ride home from the Marathon SPCA campus in January, I told the little guy, “Look, you’re cute but all puppies are cute. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. But you seem reasonable. I like it.”

I lost my boy Pedro in April 2021, after 13 years. He was my first dog and I was heartbroken. I leaned on people who gave even through the same pain. I found comfort in visiting my pals’ dogs and occasionally dog-sitting.

Now, when I think of Pedro, I smile and can feel the gratitude. Grief is the price of love. I’ve been told.

Watching Sergio’s firsts — I got to see him learn what raindrops are — has been astonishing.

little personality take form — and handling let’s call them challenges —

Gratitude City: population us. Thank you, Florida Keys SPCA and everyone who’s ever fostered a dog in need of care.