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Esther Waited 3 Long Years to find her Family!

Exactly one year ago one of our longest residents at our Marathon Campus, Harley, now Esther was adopted. Esther waited three long years for a family of her own. Her mom just sent us a wonderful adoption anniversary update. “It will be one year March 31 that I picked up Harley now Ester from your shelter. I never met her before, just picked her out online with your guidance. She’s been a very happy cat and I love having her in my life. I’ll never be without a cat! Her allergies are better we get a cortisone shot every couple months. No more scabs and she has all her fur. She loves her temptations and will only drink out of the tub faucet on her command. She has made herself right at home. Thank you! Love Ester and Nancy.” Way to go Esther!