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Earnest, The Siamese Love Bug!

Happy Monday , all! You know what day it is, right? Yep- It’s adoption update time! This week’s update comes to us from Earnest’s mom. Here is what she has to say about her little Erne:

“It was April 2022, and we were near the end of our 2 months stay in our RV at Key West. It was actually the last full day we would be there and my good friend who volunteers at the SPCA in the Keys called me and told me that there was this beautiful simazine cat that they had, and I should come down and look at him. We had two dogs with us on our trip in the RV and one cat who is also a rescue that was at home along with our 11 hens back in NC. My husband didn’t say a word, and of course, I got in the truck to go and look at him. He was so gorgeous in person, but they were all beautiful. I could have taken more but when I texted my husband and asked if I could bring 2 back, he said one only, so I went with the first choice. The name they gave him was Lancome, but I renamed him Ernest Hemingway, and we all call him Erne’. He is the only male in the household of pets and gets along with everyone and is very talkative and likes to run outside in the evening hours and early mornings. We have a tracker on him so we can see where he goes. He gets along with all our other pets. It did not take him long since he was the baby of the family. He is a great hunter and walks with us in the mornings with our dogs. He loves Lake Life, and we are very happy with him even though he is very vocal – did I say that already?? Hahaha”