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Doodle Flourishes After Adoption

One of our treasured volunteers from the Marathon Campus fostered an older cat with health issues from us named Doodle. Doodle, thankfully, became what we love most – a foster failure! Doodle has been officially adopted and here is an update from her Mom:

“I’m very serious when I say just a few weeks ago, I thought it was going to be Doodle’s time to cross the Bridge. We chose to adopt her at that time because no one else had expressed any interest by then, and we wanted control over any necessary issues she may need for crossing. Since the time of our official foster fail, she has rallied! She’s eating like a champ, gets her SubQ fluids like it’s nothing, has been cleaning herself better, plays (something she almost never did), went on a road trip with us, has taken to sleeping in our bed (!!!) and I even took her outside on the upstairs decking for a walk. Well, tonight she was stretching to look outside… she wanted to go out again. If you’ve ever had a deaf animal, you are probably familiar with their voice… LOUD. She cannot hear herself so basically she just screams at us. We both find it endearing, and just another reason to love her so much. Anyway, here’s a picture of her looking out the window on the door in between screams to open the door (sorry baby girl, tonight was not the night for that). I like to turn music on my phone and put the phone on her side so she can feel the vibrations. She likes that, and usually purrs. She takes up a huge amount of our time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t really remember what life was like before she was here. She doesn’t seem as sad anymore either. In a way, I think she knew she was “temporary” when we were fostering her. It’s like someone turned a switch on for her when she became adopted. She’s contented, peaceful, and dare I say happy. The only downside is I now travel with a tape roller everywhere I go. I like to wear black, and she likes to wear white.”