Wish Lists & In-Kind Donations

At different times throughout the year, each of our shelter locations has individual demands that are based on the number and kind of animals we are housing. We are fortunate to be a recipient of the Science Diet food program, so food donations are normally not needed.

For example, we can run low on cat scratchers, and need cooling beds and outdoor play pools during warmer summer months; we must regularly replenish rawhide and grain-free treats for dogs, catnip & cat treats, grooming and cleansing products, detergents, and of course TOYS are a hit all year!

Many of our supporters ask, "What Do You Need Right Now?"  To answer, we developed an easy Amazon Wish List for each of our Key West and Marathon locations. No-fuss shopping to benefit the ANIMALS of FKSPCA!

Key West Wish List

Marathon Wish List

Bunnies & Buddies Wish List (Small Animal Needs!)

Other In-Kind Donations are extremely beneficial. We must regularly replenish fresh produce & grocery foods for our animals, especially our bunnies who love organic diets!

Romaine lettuce


Hot dogs

Poop Bags

Wet food (cats & dogs)

Pill Pockets (for dogs/medications)