Sponsor a Pet

Thank you for Sponsoring an Animal in Need! We understand you may not be able to take a furry friend home, but you can still enjoy an amazing connection through a Pet Sponsorship!

A pet entering our door until the time of adoption receives all the necessary vaccinations, medical care, spay/neuter surgery and a microchip in addition to its basic daily needs like food and enrichment, which can be more than $250 per animal.  Your tax deductible monthly donation of $25 will directly benefit the care of the animal you choose to sponsor.  Click on the pet you wish to sponsor below!

Your Monthly Support Will2

Help fund ongoing medical care for as long as your chosen pet needs it including regular vaccinations, surgeries and medicated food.

Ensure that animals who were neglected or require extra time before becoming available for adoption receive the love and attention they need at our shelters.

Make a difference to a homeless animal in need by becoming an essential and life changing part of their life!

Your Monthly Support Will4
Your $25 per month Sponsorship Will Include:

  • A Welcome Letter to our Pet Sponsorship program detailing your pet's information.
  • A photo of your sponsored pet and your official sponsorship certificate.
  • A holiday card from your pet.
  • An emailed adoption update if your pet finds their furever home.
  • An invitation to join us on Sponsor Day!

If you would like to make this a gift for a friend, loved one, coworker or just an amazing person, please make sure to write in the Comment Box their full name, address and email.  We will then send the Sponsorship Packet to them along with any future updates or mailings.

**Should your Sponsored Pet find their furever home, we will electronically send you a new pet that your sponsorship donation will continue to benefit!

Your Monthly Support Will5

If you have questions on our Sponsor A Pet Program please contact us directly by clicking the button below. Thank you for helping to save a life!