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Dog Training Tips

Like any relationship, the one with your pet might hit some road bumps along the way. If that is the case, our knowledgeable staff is here to help. Our dog staff has many years of experience teaching basic obedience as well as tackling more difficult issues. And, if you have some concerns about your feline friend, our staff can help you find solutions.

Tip #1: Want a well-trained, well-mannered, well-socialized dog? Interact multiple times every day with your dog, with the goal of building a foundation of trust and a healthy relationship.

All dogs benefit from learning and practicing skills daily. Keep all interaction fun; if you are stressed on a particular day and will not play nicely with your dog, skip spending time with your dog that day. Dogs are sensitive to your emotional state and will pick up on your stress.

Tip #2: House-training. Add the words “Go potty” right away. Set your dog up for success by walking him or her outside about every 45 minutes on lead to allow the dog many opportunities to get it right. Supervise the dog inside the house because it’s much easier and faster to help him/her learn where to go potty before he/she starts having “accidents” in the house.

Tip #3: Name recognition. Use the dog’s name oten when you’re praising and playing with her, and always with a happy tone. Dogs should have only positive associations with their names and nicknames.

Tip #4: Recall. Call the dog to you often; again, always using a happy tone. Add treats sometimes to pleasantly surprise him/her and keep coming to you fast. Remember to practice recall frequently, not just when something fun is about to end. People often lose great recall because they only call the dog for negative reasons or use a negative tone. Why would any dog want to come running to you if you seem angry or if the fun almost always ends when she runs to you?

— Sherry Woodard, Best Friends animal behavior consultant