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Different Island, Different Home, Different Life!

Bingo, a Pekinese mix puppy arrived on a boat from Cuba last December, just one of many dogs our shelter has taken in when families made their way across the ocean with them to seek a better life. Once here, most of those dogs ended up eventually being reunited with their people but no one ever came forward to claim little Bingo. After his long required quarantine, he was adopted by a wonderful family and is now living his “happily ever after” life!

He has a new “bestie” named Brandi and she has become his soulmate. He’s rarely far from her side. It took a bit of time for her to accept baby Bingo and his pesky puppy ways, but their human family made things easier for both dogs in the early stages of their budding relationship. Judging by the pictures and updates, their efforts have paid off!