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Claire found a safe life in her new home!

So often we remind ourselves that for some dogs, entering our shelter is the best thing that ever happened to them. For Claire and her brother, this was definitely the case. We took them as part of a cruelty investigation. They were both resilient puppies and eventually were put up for adoption. When we spoke with Ray, we knew he was going to be a great home for a puppy and could provide her with the time, understanding, and experiences that puppies need to become great adults.

Her new name is Amelia and she is already enjoying a life filled with good friends, adventure, and all the love any puppy could ever want. We recently received this update:

“Just wanted to give you an update on this spectacular little girl. She’s acclimated to her new home very well. Absolutely loves all her new doggy family friends. Snuggles with her daddies all the time. Her first trip to the airport was a success and I’m typing this while laying on the beach with her for our first time. She couldn’t be any more perfect for us. So curious and eager to learn. She’s almost fully potty trained and does sit and stay very well. The play time and “zoomies” are hilarious and beautiful. As is her love of chasing butterflies. We love her more than any words could ever express. Thank you so much for allowing her to join our family. The warmest regards, Ray.”