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Charming Gino Finds a Family

Big, handsome and love-able, Gino was a quite the charmer at our Marathon Campus. He was so charming in fact, this boy was adopted three times! When Gino first came to us it didn’t take long for him to find a wonderful new family in Key West. Happily Gino jumped in the car and drove off to his new life with his new family. Much to our surprise, it was just a few days later that Gino was back at our doorstep. His family called him leash reactive. Strange, he was always so good on his walks, but when one of our pets is returned we always welcome them back with loving arms. 

During his second adoption Gino was off to another family once again with a big smile and goofy wiggle. Always eager to please, he was happy to go for another ride in the car to a new home. His new family had called with updates and absolutely adored him. So why was Gino back at our shelter when things were going so well? “He’s too big, our landlord said we can’t keep him.” Much to our dismay, and even though we had called the landlord for approval, his kind demeanor and gentle ways didn’t matter. He was simply too big. 

Our hearts were broken, but Gino was still all smiles. He remembered his routine and enjoyed extra attention from staff and volunteers. We made Gino a promise, that his next home would truly be his forever home. 

One month later a wonderful local family with small children was looking to adopt a dog. We knew Gino was great with kids and nothing more than a big gentle giant. “He’s been adopted twice” we said, “we promised him this will be his final home.” Their landlord approved. They came back and visited multiple times and each visit went better than the last. It was finally time for this gentle giant to go home. Forever! 

Gino loves his new family and adores the kids. He’s finally where he was always meant to be. Event with our best efforts, sometimes it takes a little more work to find the right fit for our homeless pets in paradise. While at one of our Campuses, it’s our hardworking staff and volunteers that dote on, love, walk and care for our animals before it’s time for them to go into a new family. Join us by becoming a volunteer and help pets like Gino feel safe and loved at our shelter.