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Buddy the Rabbit finds his home in the Classroom!

Adoption Update from Buddy the rabbit at our Marathon Campus. Having been found as a stray, Buddy was an exceptionally sweet and friendly rabbit. With such an outgoing personality, and a love of attention and affection, Buddy was actually the perfect candidate for a classroom environment. Taylor, one of our long time friends, volunteers, fosters, and adopters, as well as a school teacher, was interested in adopting Buddy to bring to school with her.

Since arriving at school on his first day of class, Buddy has become the star of the classroom. Each week the students get a lesson on Rabbits biology, anatomy, care and responsible pet ownership. He has truly become an ambassador for his species, and loves free roaming through the class, getting attention from all his humans. On the weekends, Buddy heads home with Taylor for a relaxing weekend off, before returning to work on Monday.