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Braveheart Loses His Fears and Finds a New Family!

Braveheart from our Marathon Campus got his name because he was so terrified when he first arrived. We’re so thankful to these adopters for giving him a chance, and seeing how quickly he started to thrive in a loving home! and his new name seems perfectamundo!

His new family writes in:

“We adopted Braveheart about 2 weeks ago. We’ve changed his name to Fonzie 🥰 He took a day to warm up to me, and then followed me everywhere. By day 4 he realized this is his forever home and we’re his “pack”. He’s playing with my 6 yr old son and loves on me and Jeff so much. He’s learning tricks and loves playing with his toys a lot! He’s a very active, sweet loving boy! Our hearts are so full and happy!”

Good boy, Fonzie. Good boy.