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Bowie Flowers in His New Home!

Meet Bowie – the Artist Formerly Known as Frangipani! Bowie was brought to us back in May after being found in the Botanical Gardens on College Road, and you may remember him from some of our Kitten Extravaganza Week posts! He has since been adopted and his Mom wrote in to let us know how he’s doing:

“Bowie has very much settled in and come out of his shell at home and is completely spoiled by myself and my roommates. Whenever he isn’t playing, begging to play or having zoomies, some of his favorite things to do are sit on his window perch and napping in a hamper filled with dirty cloths. He also loves burrowing under blankets and getting under our area rugs to “surprise” us when we come by! I have also recently been harness training him and getting him used to our patio so he can eventually explore outdoors. For such a playful kitten I was surprised by how calmly he handled the training (he also got lots of treats!).”

We wish Bowie and his Mom nothing but years of hamper napping, surprises, and cuddling!

Good boy, Bowie. Good boy!