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“Bodhi Is Perfect For Our Family!”

Bodhi is doing wonderful and is a great new fit to our family.  We, or should I say, I, surprised Matt with an 8yr old Pitbull/Lab mix rescue from the FKSPCA in Key West about six years ago. Bella Marie! 

Her owner had passed away and she was left stranded on a sailboat until the owner’s friend came and brought her to the shelter.  She stayed there for almost a year before we brought her home.  She has been our little light, she loves the boat and playing with coconuts.  Over the last couple of years, Bella has started to slow down, becoming more feeble and lethargic.  Matt and I had been talking about getting a puppy, but wanted to wait until our sweet girl had passed so we could give every last bit of attention to her before her last days. We knew her being 14 years old, her time was dwindling.  

I started reading about how to make the transition easier and I came across an article the said bringing a new puppy home to an older dog could extend the older dog’s life span.  About that same weekend, we were out on a friend’s boat and met Koda (formerly know as Buster Brown, a.k.a. soon to be Bodhi), I fell in love instantly (duh, cute puppy). 

Matt, the levelheaded one in our relationship, said to calm down and just see what happens. The couple that was taking care of Bodhi were going back and forth on whether they could continue to keep him, so I said, “If you can’t take him, we will!”  About 2 days after that, I received a text stating I needed to fill out the adoption paperwork and come pick up our new addition!  Without a second thought, I was there the very next day ready to take our boy home!  One of our favorite movies is Point Break, and we decided a long time ago that if we ever got Pitbull puppies we would name then Bodhi and Utah.  So Bodhi it was!  

Since coming home, we have had some ups and downs, Bodhi is very spunky and full of energy and was a little difficult at first to fit him into Matt’s and my schedule. Today, however, we are thriving.  We take him to the fenced yard behind our house and play with sticks, coconuts and ropes!  He loves the boat and coconuts, so we knew he and Bella would be best friends before long. 

Even though it took her a bit to warm up to her (he’s still the annoying little brother she never wanted) they are playing together in the back yard.  We haven’t seen Bella that energetic since the first day we brought her home!  Bodhi has given her energy, added excitement to our lives and we are beyond blessed for our little family of four now! 

Thank you for letting us tell our story, we love the FKSPCA and I would adopt them all if I could!

Matt and Anna Lawrence