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Bella and Bear – A Dynamic Duo!

You may remember Isabelle from our Marathon Campus. She was a handful of a young dog who had been adopted and returned…twice. Then she found a home with Brian and Brittney. And Bear.

Bear had been adopted by the couple a few years prior, and was just what the doctor ordered when it came to teaching this young girl how to be the best dog she could be.

She now goes by Bella, and Brittney writes in, “7 months later and she is still doing amazing! Best addition to this family. Bear & Bella are quite the pair! I don’t think I could ask for two better fur babies! My youngest child was born with Spina Bifida and having Bear & Bella has really helped! They basically became his ESA’s (Emotional Support Animals)❤️

So much love, all under one roof. Good dogs, Bear and Bella. Good dogs.