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Bam Bam Moves to California!

You’ll remember Bam Bam – one of the cutest puppies ever to come our way! Bam Bam is all grown up now and will soon be relocating to the West Coast (CA) where he will have a big fenced in yard and plenty of space for his active mind and body. He was a challenging puppy but his people have been very committed to him and not given up. He is their constant companion and the love flows both ways.

Don’t forget – if you are ever having a tough time with your animal the FKSPCA has a Behavior Helpline available for anyone who needs guidance – whether you have adopted from us or not. The email address is: or call (305) 294 4857.

We wish Bam Bam and his family the very best and look forward to pictures of him in his new life!

Good boy, Bam Bam! Good boy!