Community News

Ash found her BFF Bear!

Marjorie was surrendered to the shelter because members of her family had developed allergies to her which could not be controlled. They were devastated but had no choice. She was young, pretty, and “full of life”, to put it mildly.

Adolescent dogs are like adolescent humans, still works in progress and testing out what the world has to offer. During her stay with us, her kennel reactivity to other dogs required us keep her confined to quieter areas where she did get so over-stimulated. Finding a home for a high-powered dog with no-off switch can be challenging but fortunately we had two terrific people who were up to the task.

Brittney and Brian had adopted a Rottie from us named Bear and were looking for a friend for him. When the three of them came to meet Majorie, she was full on in her play with Bear, never taking her paw off the gas. Our staff observed him getting a bit over it and suggested we give them a break, but Brian said matter-of-factly “Don’t worry, when he’s had enough he’ll just sit on her” and that’s exactly what he did! He calmly sat, she squirmed a bit then settled, at which point he got up and walked away. No drama, no major confrontation. Dog-to-dog communication can be so effective! Updates suggest that Majorie, now Ash, is a work in progress but improving all the time with the help of her canine mentor Bear and two great humans!