The Florida Keys SPCA accepts the surrender of all companion animals as well as all stray animals from our jurisdiction without appointment. We do not charge for animals’ admissions. Any donation you can make toward the care and feeding of your pet while it waits for a new home will help.

The decision to surrender your pet is a serious one. Should you decide to surrender your pet to The Florida Keys SPCA, we will work hard to find a new home for her/him. We ask that you complete a pet profile to help us in our search for a new home.

The Florida Keys SPCA goes to great lengths to find homes for the animals in our care, however, it is sometimes necessary to euthanize animals for behavior or medical reasons. Please read our Humane Euthanasia Policy.


Your decision to surrender your pet is final. Once you have relinquished ownership, your animal becomes the responsibility of the Florida Keys SPCA.

We do not provide the contact information of the persons who have adopted your pet.