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Alice 1 / Termites 0!

You’ll remember that a few weeks ago all of our animals at the Marathon Campus had to be fostered as we tented for termites, including Alice the Cat. The result is a good news/great news scenario! Good News: no more termites! Great News: Alice found a home!

Alice’s new family writes in, “I just wanted to let you guys know how extremely happy Alice is now. The foster event was exactly what she needed. You know, we went to the shelter so many times and never saw her or noticed her. Even when we adopted our first cat there over a year ago she was there and she just never came out and said hi.

We did not expect much to happen during the foster trial but when in a home environment she absolutely bloomed!

The fact that she was in there overlooked for over two years breaks our hearts.

She picked her human and they are so bonded already. She sleeps curled beside her and always has one paw out to touch her. The moment her human is home from work she comes running out to curl up on her lap while they watch TV. They are like soul mates who never would have known if you guys didn’t have to get tented. I’m sure it was hectic for the staff but we are so blessed that it happened and we get to spoil her for the rest of her long kitty lives.”

We wish Alice and her new family along and snuggly future together!