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Hot Diggity Dog of the Month!


Meet Mozzy!

This young man has been at our Key West Campus for 8 months now! What we can't understand is why.
Is it because he walks too well on his leash? Could it be that he simply loves to give kisses and play? Is it that he's super friendly to all humans? Maybe it's because he's working hard to stop his toy guarding issues with our Trainer?  Whatever the reason, this handsome hunk of mozzarella hopes each day that he will get his second chance! At almost 3 years of age, he certainly deserves it!

Mozzy does need to be the only animal in the home - but with a face like this would you want any others?

Dogs currently eligible for our Golden Paw Project are:

Key West: Olivia!  Archy!

Marathon: None at this time

To learn more about our Golden Paw Project click HERE and click on the "Adoption Special" tab

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