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This Month's Feature Feline

Gingerbread 2

Is Gingerbread Your Next Kitty?

Gingerbread is looking for a patient home that is willing to let her be the affectionate yet independent kitty she is!  She would love a home where she can slowly build trust and while giving you lots of purrs!  If you think Gingerbread is for you, contact the Key West Campus today!

Cats currently eligible for our Golden Paw Project are:

Key West: Petra, Glue, Mini, Kazooie, Timmy, Comirr, Baker, Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Kitty Kat, Sebastian, Imira, Jill and Old Baby!

Marathon: Gracie, Sweety, Chester, Bravo, Bud, Eva, Eness, Scooter, Precious and Pumkin!

Are You Ready?